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We perform ultrasounds of your upper body, including your abdomen, breasts, and thyroid, as well as echocardiograms of the heart. We Also perform sonograms for pregnancies, masses, cysts, and other medical conditions. We accept all major insurances.

Grow Your Practice

Grow Your Practice


Building patient trust / confidence

Seaview Medical Imaging agrees with Research that suggests, patients value treatment by a clinician and quantitate the level of care their physician provide by the extent he/she may go to determine the source of their medical issues. {M.S. Marquis, et al (1983)}

  • Increasing practice revenue
 with our office rental program

Seaview medical operates within your office on days/times most convenient and pays the practice for office space, staff, supplies utilized.

For new account setup, request In-Office or Home services, contact Glen by phone directly by calling: 917.991.8796 or email him by completing the form below:

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